Have got installed with factory mind unit and speakers are certainly not as sensitive as OE. That being said, ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING (OEM) speakers have no the same power handing capability as these, and I'm holding out for my new Kenwood head unit to turn up and hear the ability difference. Talked to Polk tech contacting companies to see if 22w RMS would be enough to get OK sound until We could get an amplifier, and he said it would do the job. He did say that giving 50-100w RMS would be the best audio though.

On the quality My answer is they're OK given the Far east manufacturing. The major problem I have is the hair thin speaker line supplied. After all, how much extra will it cost to send 18 ga line rather than 22? The woofer cone and surround are mid-range quality and Now i am quite pleased with it.

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